about Learning Movable Type

about Learning Movable Type
Learning Movable Type (LMT) is a growing set of tutorials, presented in blog format, aimed at helping beginners to the Movable Type (MT) content management system. These tutorials are geared for those with a good understanding of HTML, a fair understanding of CSS, but who are not necessarily programmers or web designers.

Although LMT is presented as a blog, think of it more as a living, dynamic book, with categories representing chapters, and with tutorials that get added or updated every once in a while. As with a book, the best place to start is with the Table of Contents in the left sidebar. Click on a chapter heading to see the list of tutorials contained. The Subject Index lists the subjects you may find explored in LMT. You can also use the search form in the sidebar to look-up a topic. Note that we try to update the tutorials when we can, but not all of them have the most up-to-date information. Check the date that the entry was posted, or if there is an "Update" note under the date to see when the tutorial was updated last. MT3.0 did not come out until mid May 2004. So tutorials posted before then were written for MT2.661.

Most of what is presented here we learned through trial and error and with the numerous suggestions of the generous contributors at Movable Type's Support Forum. We ask that you please make any support requests on the MT Support Forum. There you will find a whole team of knowledgeable experts who are more than willing to help. Do not be afraid to ask "dumb" questions in the forum! Elise's first forum question was, "How do I add a hyperlink?" Many things are not obvious from the program and it is a perfectly okay to ask these kinds of questions as a beginner. Do read Shelley's guide to finding answers before you make your first post on the forums. We also highly recommend that, if you haven't already, you pay for an MT license through Six Apart. A paid license entitles you to an online support desk staffed by the real MT experts, as well as access to a knowledge base of answers to many questions regarding Movable Type.

Please do not email any requests for support or troubleshooting of your website. Make your requests on the Support Forum.

comments and trackback policy
LMT is not a forum, nor it is a typical blog; it is much more like a book. As such, although comments are welcome on most of the posts, any comment that we feel does not add sufficiently to the post topic may be removed. Edits are made rarely, usually to correct spelling or to make a hyperlink live, and are made in the spirit of making the tutorial more useful for all readers. All comments are moderated. People who attempt to leave comments that are rude or insulting will be banned from further postings. Please note that the best place to ask support questions regarding your weblog is the Movable Type Support Forum or through Six Apart ticketed support.

Trackbacks are checked to make sure that they come from a legitimate site and that they contain information that is useful and pertinent to the article trackbacked. Older trackbacks may be removed over time as to keep the files at a reasonable size.

elise-thumb.jpgabout elise bauer
Elise is from and lives in Northern California. For a living she advises technology companies on their business and marketing strategies, and is currently a partner at the Pacifica Group consultancy in Livermore, CA. Her clients over the last 18 years have included Apple Computer, Symantec, Warner Music Group, Seagate, and a host of technology start-up companies. She has both MBA and undergraduate degrees from Stanford University. She loves great food, Aikido (a Japanese martial art she's been practicing for 20 years), swimming, body-boarding, history, art, yoga, singing, children of all ages (especially her nephews and fairy godchildren), her friends and family, most of which can be gleaned from perusing elise.com.

arvind.jpgabout arvind satyanarayan
Arvind and Elise have been collaborating on MT tutorials since Arvind was 14 years old. Arvind is a regular contributor to LMT and writes to his own MT tips site Movalog, for more advanced users of MT. Arvind is now a 16 year old student at the British School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He enjoys squash, debate, para-sailing, his mother's excellent brownies, and writing useful plugins for Movable Type. He has been known to carry on 10 simultaneous IM sessions, whilst reading blogs and writing plugins. He often needs to translate IM-speak to his more out-of-it colleagues, like Elise and Anil. Arvind also writes at his personal blog - Chinwags from Abu Dhabi.

contact info
Do you have a "how to" question or a different question concerning your installation of Movable Type? If so, please do not send Elise or Arvind an email about it; instead, ask your question at the MT Support Forum. If your communication is not MT support related, please use the following email contact form to send Elise an email or this page to contact Arvind.