February 14, 2004

What is a Permalink?

Updated September 20, 2004

If you are new to Movable Type and/or weblogs you may have encountered the term Permalink and wondered (as I did when I first read the term), what the heck is that?

A permalink is the permanent identifier to a specific weblog post or article. On Movable Type, a Permalink is usually a link to an entry's unique web page. The default archiving set-up in Movable Type includes date-based archives and individual archives. By default the permalinks are set up to link to an entry's individual archive page. You may see permalinks listed on many Typepad sites (like this one from Art Addict:


Clicking on the Permalink link will take the viewer to the page devoted to that entry, often with a place to leave comments.

On Movable Type you get Permalinks on your main page by default, except that you wouldn't know it. The link shows up at the bottom of an entry on your page as the time posted.


Click on the time posted link and voilá, you go to the entry's individual archive page. To change this so that the date posted doesn't link to the permalink, but the word Permalink does, find this code, or something like it on your Main Index Template:

<p class="posted">Posted by <$MTEntryAuthor$> at <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryDate format="%X"$></a><MTEntryIfAllowComments> |

Change it to the following:

<p class="posted">Posted by <$MTEntryAuthor$> at <$MTEntryDate format="%X"$> | <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>">Permalink</a><MTEntryIfAllowComments> |

Note: If you are using MT 2.661 or an earlier version, you will look for code that begins with <div class not <p class. Likewise the replacement code will start with <div class.

The result should look something like the following:



On Permalinks and Paradigms...

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