March 28, 2004

Creating an Additional Weblog

mtbadge-small.gifUpdated January 9, 2006

Movable Type lets you have as many weblogs as you want on the same installation of MT. Once you have a weblog up and running, you should be able to easily add another one. In fact, it's a good idea to have a separate test blog to try out different style and format customizations before launching them on your working site. (Note that these instructions are for those who already have Movable Type installed and working.)

1. Create a new directory on your server for where you want the new weblog to reside. (Typically this is done with an FTP program.)

2. On the MT Main Menu, select Weblogs from the System Shortcuts. Then select Create New Weblog.



3 A weblog settings window will open for the new weblog. The settings window may be automatically filled out with the settings for your existing weblog. You will need to change the Site URL and the Site root or you may end up over-writing your existing blog. For example, Learning Movable Type is in the main directory of the site. A test blog is in a directory called "test" that I created for the purpose of this exercise. I added the "test" directory to both the site URL and the site root path on the setting form because I would like all the files associated with this test blog to be in that directory.

4. Write the name of your new weblog where is says Weblog Name in the weblog config window. Set the timezone for your area. Select save. You will be prompted to rebuild. Select rebuild. Your new weblog will be automatically created with the default set of style and index templates.

If you view your blog at this point, using the Movable Type system default settings, it should look like this:

5. Test your new weblog by creating and publishing a new entry.

6. Further customize your weblog. In the weblog settings for your weblog, you select preferences and archiving to further specify how you want your weblog to work. Use the templates menu to customize index and stylesheet templates.

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Posted by Elise Bauer on March 28, 2004 to Beginner Tips
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