June 19, 2004

Using Typepad Styles With MT

Movable Type offers five default stylesheet templates to use with your MT website. If you are like me, not a web designer and only possessing a cursory knowledge of CSS, you may not want to stray too far from the defaults. But then that doesn't leave us with a lot of choice in the number of default styles from which to choose. Fortunately, Typepad (Six Apart's hosted service based on Movable Type) has several default styles that will work with the new Movable Type templates.

I've tested the following Typepad styles on the new default MT3 templates, with the sidebar on the right hand side, and they appear to work fine. If you have changed your MT3 templates layout at all, for example to move the sidebar to the left side, you may need to make adjustments in the stylesheet. If you would like to use these styles with MT2.661 or an earlier version, see Applying MT3 Styles to MT2.x.




Green Grass





If you have access to a Typepad account (either through a friend or with a trial account) you can experiment with creating stylesheets for your MT weblog. Create a new test weblog in Typepad, make the style customizations you want - colors, borders, font styles and sizes, and publish your test weblog. When viewing the weblog, do a "View Source" from your browser commands to find the stylesheet URL. Open up the stylesheet in a new browser, copy the style sheet code and paste it into a new index stylesheet template for your Movable Type weblog. Point your Main Index template to the new stylesheet to test if the stylesheet is working with your blog. If it works, you can replace your original stylesheet code with the new code and repoint the Main Index template back to your orginal stylesheet URL.

Note that if your Typepad test blog doesn't have the same layout as your Movable Type blog, some adjustments may need to be made. I find this process easier if you create a test blog in Typepad with the same layout (sidebar location, number of columns) as your Movable Type blog.

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Thanks for the stylesheets Elise. My default style was stolen from Typepad a long time ago - Khaki - but I've made loads of customizations to it.

I've been looking for a site that has the Typekey styles available so that I can further skin my site, thanks !

Arvind - You are very welcome, and thanks for the Gmail account!

Ted - Yes, you do need to monkey with the templates. See http://www.elise.com/mt/archives/000466applying_mt3_style_templates_to_mt2x.php.

thnx elise for providing us with the templates. i needed a change n ur wonderful tutorial made it possible... :)

This was just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Thanks Elise for doing my CSS work. Your color comps rock!

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