July 24, 2004

My Yahoo and RSS

Yahoo allows people to easily add RSS newsfeeds into their user-customized My Yahoo portal pages. For publishers of RSS feeds, like almost every Typepad and Movable Type user, this means that you can easily let your readers add your feed to their My Yahoo page by simply clicking on a button.

Millions of people use My Yahoo pages to create their own customized view of the news they care about. Most people outside of the blogging community don't know what RSS is and tend to look cross-eyed when you try to explain it to them. Yahoo makes it very easy to reap the benefits of RSS without having to see funky looking files or download a newsfeed reader, yet another piece of software.

For those of us with weblogs with RSS feeds, Yahoo makes it even easier for us let our audiences know that our sites have been updated.

To add an "Add to My Yahoo" button to your weblog, go to My Yahoo! - RSS Syndication and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You have a choice of a couple of buttons. Copy and paste the code for the button you like into the sidebar sections of your Main Index and archive pages. Replace [your RSS URL here] with your RSS url. To find out what your RSS url is, open up your weblog in a browser and click on the link that says: "Syndicate this site". The URL that appears in the URL window of your browser will be the RSS url. It is usually the URL for your website with the suffix, index.rdf or index.xml. For example, Learning Movable Type's feed URL for example is http://learningmovabletype.com/index.xml.

What does Syndicate this site mean?
Simple RSS Customizations

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Posted by Elise Bauer on July 24, 2004 to Marketing and Money, RSS
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