March 08, 2004

Translation Services

Let your site visitors from other countries easily translate your pages into their own languages. Note these services are far from perfect. I often get a big laugh when I translate a site from Japanese or French into English. But you can usually get the point.

1. Babel Fish from AltaVista
Let your weblog readers translate your pages with Babel Fish from AltaVista.

The translator seems to work pretty well with text. Unfortunately for this site, it also translates what I've identified as code which, if used in its translated state, won't work. But for sites that aren't talking about code snippets, Babel Fish looks like a useful utility.


Like Babel Fish, can translate your website into different languages. I'm trying this out on LMT. If you are reading the tutorials in a language other than English, you must use the English version of the code samples given in order for them to work. The $5 per year Platinum card subscription allows you to have entire websites translated. It seems to work much faster than Babel Fish. Can anyone tell me how good the translations are?

france.jpg germany.jpg
spain.jpg italy.jpg

(Hat tip to Richard Harris)

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Posted by Elise Bauer on March 08, 2004 to Weblog Goodies
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Hi Elise,

thank you for those great links!

Unfortunately the free translation is no good. I translated your site in Dutch but it came out all weird.

When I tried to translate my own Dutch site to English it was even more hilarious:
I couldn't understand a word of it anymore!

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