LMT Links


Web Design From Scratch - Useful general purpose advice and tutorials on website design
Photoshop brushes - from Jason Gaylor
Redalt's I Like Your Colors - Enter a URL and see the color themes used
Color Scheme Generator 2 - another color scheme generator
Color Schemer - Online Color Scheme Generator
WP Connections theme for MT - Carla ported a WordPress theme to Movable Type. Beautiful.
ColorCombos.com - Web Color Combinations Tool and Library - useful color picker
Where to find great free photos online - from Robin Good
1001 Free Fonts - A terrific resource of free fonts.
Skinning the MT Interface - Arvind's tutorial on how to skin the MT edit window
ColorMatch 5K - Easy color scheme tool
ColorMatch Remix - Another color tool - shows interesting mixes of color
Color Palette Creator - from SlayerOffice, another useful color value generator
CSS Color Values - A great table of colors for web design.