LMT Links


iStockPhoto - Stock photography that you can purchase at a reasonable price for use on your weblog
Skype Tags for MT - Add voice mail, chat tags to your MT blog.
FavIcon from Pics - tool for creating favicons
Adding a Tag Cloud to MT 3.2 - tutorial for CloudNine tag clouds in MT
Free Vlog - Tutorial for making your own video blog, or vlog
Subscribe Me Lite - Mailing list management and tracking software
Rocketboom Online Video Tool List - List and explanation of the tools used to create the videoblog Rocketboom
Tag Cloud - a service for posting a tag cloud to your blog.
Swicki - Search Tag Cloud Tool
Embedding QuickTime - Why use object tags to embed QuickTime?
StatWatch 1.0 - visitor statistics for Movable Type blogs
Make a Book from your Blog - LJBook Free Service
Who Links to Me - an alternative to Technorati?
SiteReportCard - Free stats about your site, including broken links
TinkerTool for MacOSX - a Finder tool so you can see hidden files
PHP Thumbnail Generator - For dynamically generating thumbnails of photos, that don't distort the image.
SimpleCode HTML Encoder - From Simplebits.com
HTML Encoder - PHP-Nuke tool converts your html code so that you can display it in a blog entry.
Web Page Analyzer - website performance analysis
PHPList Email List Manager - Free PHP and SQL based email list manager
Slideshow template for MT using S5 - A template for MT that uses Eric Meyer's S5 CSS slide show system
S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System - From Eric Meyer, an easy way to create web-based slide shows.
Userplane Video Blog Tool - record audio and video messages for your blog
MySQL Administrator - Administrative tool for MySQL database for Windows and Linux
XHTML Validator to RSS - Check through RSS if your pages stay XHTML valid.
CocoaMySQL - a MySQL graphical user interface for Mac OS X
MT Tabs - Quick reference to the MT tags in the MT Manual.
Subscriptions with Bloglet - A way for readers of your blog to sign up for a subscription to automatically get your blog updates.
FeedReader - Free newfeed reader for Windows. Supports RSS and Atom formats. GPL licensed.
NetNewsWire Lite - A free RSS newsfeed reader for Mac OSX.
BBEdit Lite - A free text editor for the Mac. Although they've discontinued it, BareBones Software still has a link to the BBEdit Lite download.