September 08, 2004

Photo Sharing


I have found two great services for showing and sharing your photos on your website: Flickr and Photoblox. Of the two, Flickr is by far the easiest to implement, and what you put on your site links back to a larger social networking service based on photo sharing.

1. Flickr Zeitgeist

Flickr Zeitgeist is a fun little flash-based goodie that shows the most recent public photos that people have posted to Flickr, a photo social network. (Note: I had a little bit of trouble gettng this to work; the problem was that the MT entry template automatically put line breaks in the javascript code. I adjusted the code so there are no more line breaks and it seems to work fine.)

It's still in beta, but pretty cool nonetheless. Click on any of the photos to get a bigger version and more information about the photo.

You can use the Flickr Badge utility to show a set of random photos pulled from your Flickr photo collection on your website.

2. Photoblox

Laszlo Photoblox is an embeddable slideshow for blogs and websites. You can show off your photos in any of 3 window sizes, and customize the attributes of speed, panning, zooming, framing borders and image annotations. Click on the button below to see a pop-up example of a medium sized photoblox.

To implement a Photoblox, you need to follow the directions on the Photoblox website carefully.

1. Prepare your images for the web (less than 100K file size each) and load them into a directory on your server.
2. Add a script tag to the header sections of any of the templates that would be showing the slideshow, in the case of MT that would be the Main Index template and your archive templates.
3. Modify the default xml file given with a text editor, swapping in your photo URLs and photo information.
4. Load the xml file to a place on your server.
5. Using the encoder listed, encode the URL of the xml file.
6. Place a default script tag on the page where you want your photoblox to appear, but swap in your encoded xml file URL. Make sure to not add any extra spaces or you will spend 2 hours debugging, as I did.

Note that I was only able to get this application to work in a Movable Type sidebar, not on an entry.

(Via Marc Canter)

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I don't think Flickr has any direct affiliation with MSN. At leats not what I can tell from their site and a quick googling.

Joost - I don't know where i got that idea. Perhaps there was an MSN brand on the site at one time. Can't find the connection now. Thanks for the heads up. I've adjusted my description.

<shamelessPlug>There's also 93 Photo Street, a photo map editor which posts maps and photos to TypePad and MT3+ blogs.</shamelessPlug>

I really like Flickr. Another favorite of mine is FotoFlix. Alot of similar features between Flickr and FotoFlix. One thing I like about FotoFlix is their "FotoFlix"
Here's one of mine - my trip to India.

I'm having trouble adding my flickr badge to my sidebar. When I enter the script, it moves all my posts underneath the sidebar?

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